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Classroom materials for the public television documentary, Save Our Land, Save Our Towns, and the Pennsylvania version, Saving Pennsylvania, are available for use in grades 7 through 12 and college.

A 78-page teacher's guide covers both a short overview lesson based on the video and eight extended activities about land use planning and community building.

Students will learn that the way we use land affects every aspect of American life. Why do so many young people have to rely on adults to take them where they want to go? Why do we have ghettos? Why are we losing farmland and open space? Why is sprawling development a threat to the environment? These are all land use issues.

The video can be divided into two parts with an optional homework assignment:

PART 1 The decline of America's cities and countryside, 1950-2000.
18 minutes

PART 2 Building model communities to revive towns, preserve open space, and protect the environment.
22 minutes

OPTIONAL Homework assignment. Compare your community to Tom Hylton's benchmark of 10 rules for a quality community.
4 minutes

Download the teacher's guide and overview lesson.

Download the teacher's guide and eight extended activities.

Pennsylvania Department of Education Standards Covered
(details in the teacher's guide):

• Environment and Ecology
• Civics and Government
• Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
• Geography
• Mathematics
• Science and Technology
• Arts and Humanities





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