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Suggested Reading: Articles

The following articles are as pertinent now as the day they were published. They articulate a major theme of Save Our Land, Save Our Towns:  Our current American lifestyle, based on consuming ever more resources, is simply not sustainable.  We need to rethink what constitutes “quality of life”:

Living With Less. A Lot Less
By Graham Hill
New York Times
March 10, 2013

The Earth is Full
By Thomas Friedman
New York Times
June 7, 2011

This Old World
By Ted Fishman
New York Times Book Review
Nov. 26, 2010

What’s Your Consumption Factor?
By Jared Diamond
New York Times
Jan. 2, 2008

Totally Spent
By Robert B. Reich
New York Times
Feb. 13, 2008

The following article by America’s leading town planners is perhaps the finest summary, anywhere, of the merits of traditional towns and the dreariness of sprawl:

The Second Coming of the American Small Town
Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk
Wilson Quarterly
Winter 1992

The following article by traffic engineer Walter Kulash explains why it is impossible to build enough road capacity to sustain sprawling development:

The Third Motor Age
By Walter Kulash
Winter 1996







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